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Kenneth Clark Prize

Kenneth Clark
Kenneth Clark
Kenneth Clark

The prize is named after Lord Clark (1903-1983), an Old Wykehamist who was arguably the most influential art historian of the twentieth century. He was Director of the National Gallery at the age of 31 and through his books and television work he reached an international audience of millions. His series Civilisation was a landmark in television history.

The aim of the prize is to encourage all in the Sixth Form to further their interest in the visual arts and to present a work of art to an audience in an engaging and illuminating way. The presentations must last no longer than ten minutes. The art may be a piece of fine art, applied art or architecture. It would be ideal if the speaker had first hand contact with the artefact.

Photographs taken by the speaker are encouraged, especially in the case of sculpture and architecture. Short clips of film might be appropriate, including sound. All presentations will use PowerPoint. The quality of the data projector images is important. The colour should be as true as possible and the focus sharp. The making or researching of images is therefore part of how the presentation will be judged.

Works of art can be looked at in many different ways. The interest of the speaker will give emphasis to particular aspects. These may be to do with iconography, technique, function, style, provenance or historical associations. The point is that those listening and looking are able to experience the work at a deeper level and share the speaker’s enthusiasm.

The Kenneth Clark Prize has inspired the regional and national ARTiculation competition. The Final for this was on Saturday 6 March at Clare College, Cambridge and was adjudicated by Antony Gormley.