Common Time 2019

I. Turner's (Hopper's)

Mr Christopher J Good

House Master:
Mr Christopher J Good

Assistant Housemaster:
Mr Sam T Baddeley


Ms E Sommerville

(01962) 621 309  
(01962) 621 319

Compton Road
SO23 9SL

House Letter: I

Hopper's Hopper's Dining Room Hopper's Room

Turner's is one of two boarding houses converted in 1869 from a different use. Originally known as  Sunnyside, in Compton Road, it was converted to take boarders as part of the expansion of the School in the 1860s and 1870s.

Founded by E.J. Turner, the first Housemaster (1869-1903), it is formally known as Turner's but informally as Hopper's. This sobriquet refers to Turner's limp which the boys of his time affectionately likened to a hop. It accommodates 60 boys in a house that boasts its own tennis and squash courts.

Christopher Good has been Housemaster at Hopper's since September 2009. He was previously Director of Sport at Winchester and he teaches Chemistry. He is married to Jo and they have three young sons.