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Governing Body


The Governing Body of Winchester College is known as 'The Warden and Fellows'. It consists of a Warden, who is the Chairman of the Governing Body, and up to fourteen other Fellows.

Statute V of the College provides that the Fellows of the College, in addition to the Warden shall be:

• The Warden of New College Oxford (a)
• One Fellow elected by the Warden and Fellows of New College Oxford (b)
• One Fellow appointed by the Lord Chief Justice of England (c)
• Up to eleven Fellows elected by the Warden and Fellows (d), provided the total number (including the Warden) does not exceed fifteen

The Current Governing Body

Warden: Charles Sinclair CBE, BA, FCA (2010) (d)
Sub-Warden: Andrew Sykes MA (2017) (d)
Professor Christopher Sachrajda FRS, PhD, FinstP, CPhys (2010) (d)
Dr Peggy Frith MD, FRCP, FRCOphth (2011) (d)
Major General Jonathan Shaw CB, CBE, MA (2011) (d)
Clarissa Farr MA (2012) (d)
Andrew Joy MA (2013) (d)
Nicholas Ferguson CBE, FSA Scot, BSc, MBA (2014) (d)
William Holland BA, FCA (2015) (d)
Dr William Poole MA, DPhil, FSA (2016) (b)
Miles Young MA (2016) (a)
The Hon Sir Stephen Cobb LLB (2017) (c)
Dr Magnus Ryan MA, DPhil (2018) (d)

Visitor: The Bishop of Winchester

Bursar & Secretary to the Warden & Fellows: Steven P Little MA FCA

The Warden and Fellows may be contacted through the College (c/o Winchester College, 7 College Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9NA; warden@wincoll.ac.uk) or via the Warden's secretary, Miss Jo Meaton, at the same address (01962 621206; JM1@wincoll.ac.uk).

The Governing Body meets three times a year (once per term), and has seven primary committees. The committees are as follows: Academic and Pastoral Committee; Audit and Risk Committee; Development Committee; Finance Committee; Investment Committee; Nominations Committee; Works Committee.