Common Time 2019

Winchester College


Electronic weather station in Flint Court
Winchester Geography
A George III terrestrial globe - G Adams

At a purely personal level, everybody should be interested in the world around them and in investigating issues concerning people, places and the environment.

Geography at Winchester is about the real world; for example globalisation, deforestation, e-commerce, climate change and biodiversity. Through this subject, Wykehamists learn about the complexity and interconnectedness of their world.     

We have recently relocated to the heart of the Flint Court teaching block, with two dedicated classrooms, one of which has full wireless networking to complement the set of twenty laptops. Our four full-time staff teach all their geography in or near these rooms.

Geography has grown significantly in recent years, particularly in the lower school where it is compulsory in the first year, half of whom will opt to take CIE IGCSE in their third year. As the first Geography Department to take on the Cambridge Pre-U course we remain committed to this syllabus and have seen great success from V1 Book 1 pupils. It is usual for several of these pupils to go on to study Geography at a variety of universities and to have at least one successful Oxbridge applicant.