Common Time 2019


Boy playing fives


Fives is like squash played with gloved hands. It is a great, sociable sport played at schools, universities and clubs around the country. There are three main types of Fives: Rugby, Eton and Winchester, with the boys at Winchester competing in both the Rugby and Winchester codes and doing so very successfully indeed.

Boys get a taster when they arrive and can play throughout Short Half and Common Time with the majority of matches scheduled in Common Time. We field teams at every age level playing the likes of Bradfield, Marlborough, Radley, Tonbridge and St. Paul's. For the social players that don't make it into the school teams there are house competitions and a singles ladder for them to enjoy. For those that excel there are opportunities to play against adult teams and in National competitions.

In the last three years the club has enjoyed an unprecedented level of success, winning 21 of the 27 tournament trophies competed for on the national stage.