Common Time 2019


Boys fencing
Boy on guard

At Winchester we offer all three weapons: Foil, Epée and Sabre, though the first two tend to be more popular. Foil fencing uses a thick wire-like sword, and the target area is mainly the chest, back and sides. The concept of priority is an essential one to grasp. Epée fencing involves a heavier sword, and a hit on any part of the body, except the back of the head, counts. Sabre is more military and the weapon resembles a real cavalry sword. The concept of priority is still there and the skills required are far more complicated than that of Foil and Epée. While Foil and Epée can only "stab", Sabre allows stab, hack and slash. All three disciplines require tough mental and physical agility and fitness.

Our club caters for fencers of all abilities. Individual coaching is provided by three experienced instructors and, for those that need it, kit can be borrowed from the club. We train two or three times a week, with regular fencing fixtures against the likes of Abingdon, Charterhouse, Eton, Harrow and Westminster. We also compete in regional and national events, including the Public Schools' Fencing Championships.

In 2015 Wykehamist fencers won golds in both Foil and Epée at UK Southern Region's Team Competitions. At the Hampshire Foil Competition, we won gold in U18s, and gold, silver and bronze in U16s.