Common Time 2019


Winchester English
English at Winchester is taught with relish, by specialists and enthusiasts. Our small class sizes allow maximum opportunity for discussion and the development of individual response; no English set is streamed.

In the first year English is taught by a single teacher as part of Div, and the emphasis is on developing accurate and fluent writing and speaking, and pleasure in simply reading. In the second and third years English is taken as a specialist subject, and the focus becomes more precise. The boys read longer and more complex texts, and we introduce the excitement of close analysis.

Boys take the IGCSE English Language (First Language) examination in their third year. This tests their ability to read intelligently, to summarise, analyse and select, and to write in a range of styles and registers. We do not enter them for a public exam in English literature, but instead continue to teach it without the restrictions of an external syllabus.

The Cambridge Pre-U examination follows naturally from our approach; the Head of English was part of the committee responsible for creating the examination. The coursework component allows both boys and teachers to explore wide interests, alongside rigorous examining of prepared and unseen texts.

The illustrations on this page celebrate old and valued books, but lucky as we are to have access to so much of the past, the study of English here also introduces boys to the constantly expanding world of literature.