Common Time 2019

Design and Technology

Laser Cutter
Wooden baluster
Fishing Fly Box made by a pupil
Model in Wind Tunnel
Hand Made

While boys may use the Design & Technology facilities to tackle projects entirely of their own conception or work on their assessed coursework, structured activities are supervised and self-guided workbooks are available for a number of popular projects. Thanks to financial support from the Taylor-Young Fund, the DT department delivers a programme of activities, industrial visits and lectures for boys interested in applying to study Engineering or related subjects at University.

Boys have the opportunity to apply for Arkwright Scholarships and submit entries to the Young Designers and Young Engineers Competitions.

Clubs provide a focus for free-time activity in Mill seven days a week and include:

F1 in Schools

Teams of three to six boys of all ages design, manufacture and race a scale F1 car powered by a carbon dioxide canister. The design stage incorporates many aspects of engineering including Aerodynamics, Computer Aided Design and Computational Fluid Dynamics. The boys also develop business and marketing skills through the process of raising sponsorship and procuring materials and equipment. The construction phase utilises a range of modern materials, production techniques and practical problem solving.

Ingenuity Challenge

The annual Winchester College Ingenuity Challenge (Taylor-Young Pot), from which IDEAS Soc emerged, is one focus for members of the society. It involves the design and prototyping of a novel product with a different theme each year. The 2012-13 challenge involved biomimicry, an approach to design and technology gaining increasing recognition, whilst previous challenges were related to economics and mathematics (game theory).


Boys work individually or in teams to design, build and test robots, drawing on scientific curiosity and, for many, the love of gadgets and programming. There is scope to enter a number of robotics competitions such as ‘Micromouse'. General electronics projects, such as audio amplifiers and lap counters, also prove popular.

Jewellery making

Following a period of tuition in silversmithing, there is the opportunity to craft elegant and stylish jewellery from precious metals and gem stones, as gifts for loved ones or for personal adornment.


Within the DT Centre, prospective architects have access to a library of books and current journals such as ‘Blueprint', industry standard Computer Aided Design software, and model making materials and equipment.

From modernisation of existing buildings and designing dream eco-homes to hotels for space tourists, the scope for developing an impressive portfolio of creative work is limitless.


The Department is equipped with a range of cutting edge software and machinery for Computer Aided Design and Manufacture. Intricate patterned and engraved artefacts are produced, impossible to achieve with traditional methods. For example, charcoal moulds can be designed and machined for casting silver jewellery.

Digital art and web design

Using the latest Adobe software boys can exercise their creativity in the digital age. Activities range from photo editing and image manipulation to designing posters and websites for clubs and societies.

Advanced woodwork

There is a strong tradition of craft skills in 'Mill'. Facilities are available and experienced staff are on hand to assist with projects involving wood turning and furniture making.

Advanced metalwork

Ornamental artefacts as well as engineering prototypes are constructed in metal, giving boys the opportunity to learn about metal turning, milling, brazing and welding.

Cycle maintenance

Thanks to a generous grant from the Friends of Winchester College the department is equipped with professional bicycle tools, enabling boys to overhaul or upgrade their bicycles before setting out on the local trails. There is scope for innovative transport solutions to be designed and made from scratch once the principles of bicycle mechanics have been assimilated.