Common Time 2019


Winchester's curriculum is centred on Division. A division is a form, but it is much more than an administrative unit. In Division, a group of boys works with the same Don every day throughout the academic year. The Don gets to know the academic qualities and needs of individuals and he encourages them to read, to learn, to debate - to present coherent ideas and propositions. Division is not based on examination specifications: it establishes learning for its own sake within a wide cultural framework.

In the first three years Division follows a chronological course encompassing English, Ancient History, History of Art, History of Science and Religious Studies. In the final two years, Division includes literature, history, music, philosophy, ethics, current affairs; a good deal of reading is required and there are regular written assignments. Boys and Dons take Division seriously.

The rest of the curriculum is taught by highly qualified subject specialists. Accelerated learning is allowed where appropriate. Boys usually complete between eight and ten GCSEs (IGCSEs) by the end of V Book. In VI Book the School follows Cambridge Pre-U courses in all subjects. These are linear courses so there are virtually no external examinations in the penultimate year. The Cambridge Pre-U offers breadth and depth; there are open-ended questions and plenty of encouragement for independent learning. Assessment provides differentiation at the highest level with three grades of distinction. Boys take Division and three subjects, with an additional option to take Mathematics in the penultimate year. 


1st Year 
  Junior Part (JP)
  Year 9
2nd Year
  Middle Part (MP)
  Year 10
3rd Year
  V Book
  Year 11
4th year
  VI Book 2  
  Year 12
5th year
  VI Book 1
  Year 13

Junior Part

Division (see above), Art/Design Technology/Music circus, Biology, Chemistry, French or German, Geography, Latin, Mathematics, Physical Education, Physics; and one of Ancient Greek, Chinese, Russian, Spanish.  

Middle Part

Division (see above), English, French or German, History, Latin, Mathematics, Sciences (two or three) and one subject from Ancient Greek, Art, Chinese, Design Technology, French, German, Geography, Music, Russian, Spanish.  

V Book

As for Middle Part.

VI Book

In VI Book the following subjects are available, though not all combinations are always possible: Ancient Greek, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Design Technology, Economics, English, French, Geography, German, History, History of Art, Latin, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Music, Philosophy & Theology, Physics, Russian, Spanish.