Common Time 2016

Combined Cadet Force

Boys in training

In his second year at Winchester a boy is required to serve two and a half terms in the Combined Cadet Force of the College, the CCF. He has a reasonably free choice to join any one of the four Service Sections: Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force. Each section follows its own proficiency syllabus, which is 60% military and 40% adventurous training.

There are therefore opportunities to fly in fixed wing and helicopter aircraft, to sail and to go onboard our affiliated ship, to learn competition shooting, map reading and first aid. The year is punctuated with four 24hr exercises, a number of patrol and shooting competitions as well as the two voluntary camps.

It is particularly on the exercises and camps that boys develop skills in leadership, teamwork, self-reliance and at the more senior level a strong sense of service towards those for whom they have responsibilities.

During the Easter holiday, a completely non-military, adventure training camp is held in such areas as the Highlands of Scotland, Snowdonia and the Lake District. At the start of the summer holiday a voluntary combined service, and mainly military, camp is held at various venues throughout the UK and very occasionally with a sponsor unit abroad.

After the second year in the School, a boy is free to leave his CCF experience behind him and engage in Community Service. Those volunteers who stay on in the CCF engage in various self-development courses during their third year and are taught how to instruct the many military and adventurous topics required of junior cadets. As the cadet progresses through the school and the rank structure, his responsibilities grow until his final year he is likely, if he has shown the necessary qualities, to be given a unit of some thirty junior cadets, and to be responsible for their progress over the two and a half terms. This is both exciting and very challenging. The CCF is fully supported by, and receives regular visits from, serving full-time members of all four service sections.

The Armoury was the subject of a Friends of Winchester College leaflet.