Common Time 2019

F. Hawkins' (Chawker's)

Dr James Hodgins

House Master:
Dr James Hodgins

Assistant Housemaster:
Mr James Burridge 

Mrs J Letty 

(01962) 621 306
(01962) 621 316

St. Cross Road
SO23 9HX

House Letter: F

Chawker's Chawker's Door Chawker's

Hawkins' is one of two boarding houses converted in 1869 from another use. Southgate House on St Cross Road took boarders as part of the expansion plans of the School in the 1860s and 1870s.

Founded by The Revd C.H. Hawkins, the first Housemaster (1869-1900), it is formally known as Hawkins' but informally as Chawker's, a nickname of the founder used by the boys. It accommodates 60 boys and has been recently refurbished throughout, offering a games room, a Sixth Book common room, a music practice room as well as a house library and TV room.

James has been Housemaster of Hawkins' since September 2009 and is due to stand down as housemaster in the summer of 2022. He teaches Mathematics and before becoming a Housemaster he fulfilled a number of different roles at the school; he was previously Master in Charge of Football, Assistant Head of Maths, Master in Charge of Fives, an Assistant housemaster and coached cricket at all levels. He runs the school's link with Crown and Manor, a boys club in Hackney, and is a Governor at two schools.

He is married to Rowena, who teaches Spanish and French at Winchester, and they have two children.