Short Half 2018


A view from the south west

The wooden lierne vaulting is one of the earliest examples of this technique
Looking East

Chapel stands at the centre of the College community. In December 2005 the Warden & Fellows included the following paragraph in their statement of the College's aims:  

Moral and Spiritual Formation

"We will cultivate a strong sense of community, personal reflectiveness and responsibility in all our pupils, regardless of their religious background. We will assist boys from non-Christian cultures to study and understand their religious inheritance. We will nourish our identity as a Christian foundation, where God revealed in the person of Jesus Christ is confidently and intelligently proclaimed. We will commend an understanding of the human person as a moral, spiritual and physical unity, in which each dimension is equally important and mutually dependent. The life and worship of the Chapel will develop, through instruction, exposition and imaginative appeal, a sense of the beauty of holiness." 

Sunday Structure        

The basic pattern each Half is X & Y Sundays alternating.   

On X Sundays all boys (except those groups specified below) attend Chapel or St Michael's at 1030, in Houses, as designated.   

On Y Sundays all boys other than those in Junior Part (and excepting those in groups specified below) attend one of the services held at 0830, 1030 or 2015. Boys in Junior Part must attend either the 0830 or the 1030 service.

Roman Catholic boys attend Mass at 0900 every Sunday in St Michael's Church. Catholic parents support their sons through the Society of Our Lady at Winton. The current Chairman is Biff Gillow, who can be contacted on gillow@btconnect.com.

Boys of non-Christian cultural background attend Faith Circles at 0900 every Sunday.

Weekday Structure  

All boys in Junior and Middle Parts attend Chapel on Mondays and Fridays at 1600. Boys in Fifth Book and Sixth Book II attend Chapel on Wednesdays at 1230. 

Services in the Cathedral 

The School Observes the Founder's Obit in the Cathedral annually in September  

Christian Union

A weekly meeting for Bible study, prayer and song is led by the lay Chaplain.

The Chaplains

The Dean of Chapel: The Rev Dr Simon Thorn (from January 2015)
Chaplain to Roman Catholics: The Right Revd Geoffrey Scott OSB, Abbot of Douai (abbot@douaiabbey.org.uk)
There are in addition eleven Chaplains, each assigned to a boarding House.

Director of Chapel Music

Howard Ionascu, currently Director of the Junior Royal Academy of Music, will take up his position as the new Director of Chapel Music on 1 January 2019. Mr Ionascu began his musical career as a Vicar Choral at Wells Cathedral. He has since taught at Radley College, The Royal Grammar School, Guildford, and The King's School, Canterbury, where he was Director of Music. In Canterbury, Mr Ionascu developed a formidable reputation not only as a choir trainer, but also as a vocal coach to applicants for choral scholarships, in which the school built up an enviable track record. His work involved weekly services in Canterbury Cathedral, recordings, radio broadcasts and international tours. He has also worked with a number of distinguished adult choirs and professional orchestras.

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