Cloister Time 2015


Click here for the Winchester College Bursary Policy 
Bursaries are available on entry to the School and to existing pupils in cases of financial hardship. Whilst bursaries can be available for up to 100% of fees in extreme cases, it is more likely that they are used as a ‘top-up’ either to support an Award already gained or in their own right. They are subject to annual review early every calendar year.
The application process involves the completion and submission of a Bursary Application Form which must be supported by relevant documentation. Applications are welcome at any time in cases of sudden financial hardship.
Parents who are considering an application to the School, and who are likely to seek further help with fees through the Bursary Scheme, are encouraged to submit a Bursary Application Form well in advance of the proposed date of entry. An indication of a possible bursary can then be given. This often helps parents assess their financial means well in advance of committing to the entrance procedure.
Details of the Bursary Scheme can be obtained from:
Mrs C P Hann
Tel: 01962 621404
Email: cph@wincoll.ac.uk
For details of the Golf Bursary click here.
The Bursar, Mr S P Little, also maintains contact with a wide range of Educational Trusts, from which additional funding is occasionally available, and can offer advice about these on request.