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Winchester Biology
Winchester Biology
Winchester Biology
Biology is the study of life and living processes. It is therefore relevant to all pupils and has a particular part to play in making young people aware of their environment, of personal health issues and of their own physiologies. It is a wide-ranging subject with a strong numerate and analytical basis.

All Wykehamists study Biology in their first three years. The first year course is common to all, irrespective of their examination destination. It is a skills-based course, encouraging pupils to acquire general study skills, such as note-taking and data presentation, as well as subject-specific skills such as microscopy and biological practical techniques.

All boys sit the IGCSE examination at the end of their third year.

Boys who have successfully completed their IGCSEs can choose to continue to study biology at advanced level, with all examinations being taken at the end of their final year. The Cambridge Pre-U in Biology provides an academically rigorous, balanced and relevant course of study.

Biology is a popular subject for strong scientists who can study it alongside Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics, as well as predominantly Arts-based pupils who find it one of the most accessible sciences. It remains a recommended credential for those who wish to read Medicine, Veterinary Studies or Biological Sciences at university.

The Biology department comprises 6 full-time members of staff and 2 full time technicians. The range of specialist interest areas among them enriches the learning experience of pupils. There are 5 fully-equipped and networked teaching laboratories, allowing us to support advanced level teaching with well-resourced practical experience.

The internal curriculum provides a compulsory foundation in Biology for all pupils, a practical-based Pre-U course, and the opportunity to extend research well-beyond the rigid confines of the syllabus. Our success in competitions such as the annual IOB Olympiad, and in preparing pupils for university admissions reflects our rigorous and ambitious delivery of this subject.

There is no doubt that advances in biotechnology, medical research and the use of environmental resources will affect all our lives. We aim that, having been exposed to the Biology course, Wykehamists will be able to fulfill a responsible and informed role in modern society.