Common Time 2019


The School's observatory in the Science Building
A George III celestial globeon stirrup brackets and mahogany tripod by G Adams. Given to the School by John Taylor in 1768 and housed in th Fellows' Library

Every Monday evening a cluster of Wykehamists may be seen heading down towards Science School with their minds on heavenly pursuits. The Astronomy Society was given a great boost in 2003 by the completion of the observing dome, and the installation of the fine 6-inch Meade reflecting telescope. Weather conditions permitting, there is always something worth seeing, whether the Moon, the beautiful rings of Saturn or deep sky objects such as the Orion Nebula.  

Every year there is a short trip to Farley Mount to take advantage of the darker rural skies and more recently we have experimented with astrophotography using digital cameras and CCD imagers. Even when the clouds are pressing in, a hard-core group of enthusiasts turn up to drink hot chocolate and speculate about space.