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Aikido Practice

Aikido is a Japanese system of self-defence, often translated as 'The Way of Harmony and Spirit'. Its origins can be traced back to the 12th Century and the ancient Japanese Martial Art, Aikijujutsu.

In practising Aikido, boys exercise the whole body learning and developing their flexibility, balance and coordination. The way they learn new techniques through paired co-operative exercises known as Kata, and free play will also develop teamwork, self-discipline, and their defence awareness.

Under normal circumstances it would take about six years to progress from beginner to black belt instructor; however, with extra commitment, self-discipline and a degree of fortitude boys have managed to attain a black belt in just 4 years under the excellent tutelage of our instructors John Cullerne, 4th dan black belt and Bob Docherty, 3rd dan black belt.