Sam Baddeley

Head of Drama

I organise and oversee a diverse programme that includes productions, clubs, workshops, LAMDA lessons and the Junior Drama Festival. I also direct several shows a year.

There is no more rewarding experience than being involved in a play. The energy and creativity of our pupils is a joy to behold, and I am constantly impressed by the ambition of their projects. We try to give them the broadest possible experience of what it is like to work in a professional theatre: many will act, direct, produce and stage manage shows during their time here. Moreover, we are increasingly looking to exploit the dramatic potential of alternative venues; the character and quirkiness of our ancient buildings is a real asset to our drama provision.

My days centre around my teaching, which ranges from perfecting the art of the semicolon with JP Div, through to reading Thucydides with my sixth form Greek set, but also includes boarding duties and co-curricular activities, such as cross-country running. Every day is different, and it is a real privilege to work in such a stimulating environment with such motivated colleagues and pupils.