Treya Wilkinson

Matron, Moberly's

I began my career in nursing, before moving into teaching, with a particular passion for sports. I taught children aged 6 – 18 in schools across South Africa, Angola and Zimbabwe, coaching hockey, swimming, basketball, cricket and rugby in the sunshine.

My focus, as a matron at Winchester College, is on the holistic development of the boys in my care and supporting the Toyeites, as they are known once they join the House, in whatever ways are needed.

I take particular delight in seeing them embrace school life beyond their studies, and enjoy watching their sporting, musical and theatrical endeavours. The highlight of the job has to be the laughter in the House and the boys’ smiles after a good day, a tasty meal or an achievement. We take the time to share important moments and successes amongst their House ‘siblings’, as well as actively including parents.

The overarching ethos of Winchester College is to celebrate the individual and I am certainly very proud of each and every Toyeite, past and present.