David Thomas

Master of Music & Director of Co-Curricular Enrichment

As I am keen to tell anyone who asks, I have the best job in music education in the UK. I arrived at Winchester in 2015 after nearly 30 years of teaching in several leading schools, including 14 years as a Headmaster.  

As Master of Music, I lead an astonishingly talented team of dons and visiting music teachers, who between them teach more than half of the pupils in the school. My privilege is to encourage both staff and boys to reach the highest musical standards possible, whilst at the same time exploring new musical ideas, new challenges and new repertoire.  

The busy nature of life at Winchester is reflected in the music department, where each week may see several different concerts. It is a joy for me to be able to conduct an orchestral rehearsal, watch a colleague rehearsing the jazz band, and then spend an hour at a diploma piano recital, all in one day. That this is possible is testament to the dedication of both staff and boys, and it is a treat to work with them all.