Former pupil

When I came to Winchester to look around, it felt small enough that I could fit in and understand how it worked. It was also very beautiful.  

When you board, everyone is going through exactly the same thing as you are so everyone can help each other. I found our Housemaster and Matron really experienced in dealing with these types of worries.  

Winkies or Winchester College Football is our own sport and the hype around the big Winkies match is really fun. Our coaches are also great, including an ex-Olympian.  

I’m part of the Natural History Society and every other Tuesday we go out to the local nature reserve which is fantastic, but even better is that over the last two years we have gone to Scotland and Namibia to see the wildlife which was incredible.  

I once heard Div described as an attempt to make a boy the person everyone wants to sit next to at a dinner party, and I think this really captures its essence. Div is a great opportunity to learn about things that you simply would never learn otherwise.