During times of uncertainty, a continuous provision of education ensures high academic standards, mental wellbeing and a strong sense of community, regardless of where in the world you may be located.  

Throughout lockdown and continuing in a hybrid capacity for those pupils unable to return to school, remote learning at Winchester involved a normal timetable, delivered online but with a number of enhancements to stretch and inspire pupils, echoing the experience they have whilst on campus. Academic standards are maintained with the same expectations of pupils to contribute fully in lessons, complete homework and engage in the full range of activities on offer, from online drama workshops to photography competitions to house quizzes.

Focusing on the Future

For the older boys, preparation for university remains critical. The school ran a selection of popular post Pre-U courses to prepare sixth form pupils for their next step by teaching them university-level material. Following the post Pre-U course in Epidemiology, upper sixth pupil Adrian Tsui modelled the Coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong, and wrote an article describing how he did it.

Beyond the Curriculum

Div continues in year groups with weekly tasks. A typical task for first year boys might be to create 'found poems' by cutting words out of the newspaper. During the initial lockdown in spring 2020, this resulted in some very poignant, thoughtful contributions, including Henry's (right). 

Additional Expertise

External experts and speakers continue to enhance pupils' learning through online lectures and workshops, often tailored to pupils' career aspirations. In recent months, prospective medics attended conferences and talks, including one on Coronavirus with Paul Elkington, Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Southampton.

Pupils are also able to benefit from online events, including those from the Law Society, with leading professors on environmental law, human rights and climate justice.

Supporting Others

The school continues its outreach work with local schools by sharing resources and opportunities online.

Maths clubs and the Primary Schools Maths Challenge continue to run as online activities. This year's Winchester Maths Summer School, for young people hoping to study maths at university, was virtual and delivered at no cost to the 25 participants.

Our Community Service programme continues to provide online alternatives to local primary schools, including online content produced and delivered by boys. Development opportunities, such as careers talks, are also open to students at our partner schools, including Barton Peveril and Midhurst Rother.

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