Patrick Herring

Deputy Head (Academic) and Modern Languages Don

I joined Winchester in 2002 from St Edward’s School, Oxford, and was Head of Modern Languages for five years before becoming Housemaster of Moberly’s. After eight years in the boarding house, I became Director of Studies, and more recently Deputy Head (Academic).  

A key feature of my work in recent years has been to determine the educational requirements of IT. When I arrived 17 years ago, the height of technology in the typical classroom was a solid state TV and a VHS player. We are now at the forefront of new and exciting developments in mobile teaching technology: with the aid of inkable tablet-laptops and increasingly extensive use of digital resources, we are able to provide specially-created and interactive online learning tools for our pupils.  

I am often asked what makes our school unique. The answer is simple. The boys are delightful: civilised, inquisitive and modest. It is an extraordinary place to live and work, and a remarkable environment for young people to grow up in.