Year 13

No British school offers such a beautiful stretch of river renowned for fly-fishing.

As I was putting my rod together recently, I looked around. Pale blue skies, a setting sun; where was everyone? I walked as far away from the bustle of the road as I could, and as close to the peace of St Cross Church. On my way, I had to skirt some grazing cows, all the time keeping an eye on the river, looking out for any fish to cast at on my return journey. Once I had reached my destination, I began casting.

In fact, I didn’t have any luck that afternoon. But that’s not really the point. The beauty of Winchester College is the variety of opportunities open to us. Whether fly fishing is something that interests you or not, it is an opportunity that everyone at this school should take up. The feeling of being completely alone, surrounded only by nature, is a feeling that is not experienced enough in our fast-moving lives. And Winchester College offers that.

To me, fly fishing on the River Itchen has been one of the most special experiences during my time at the College.