Staff contact details

School contact details

Winchester College
College Street
Winchester SO23 9NA
United Kingdom 

Email addresses for academic staff can be found below. 

For general enquiries, please contact us using our enquiry form or call on +44 (0)1962 621100.

For enquiries regarding the collections, contact Richard Foster, and for the archives, contact Suzanne Foster.

Registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (no 1139000) 

Academic staff contact details

Headmaster  Dr Timothy Hands
Second Master  Mr Nicholas Wilks
Director of Studies  Dr Tom Thomas
Undermaster   Dr John Cullerne
Deputy Undermaster  Mr David Yeomans


(Heads of Departments are in bold)


Mr M Bruzon
Mr A Forsyth
Mr P Lewthwaite


Mr A Rattray
Dr R Foster


Mr E Lewis
Mr S Baddeley 
Dr R Berardi
Mr T Giddings
Dr W Guast
Mr J Lord
Mr R Mercer
Mr J Spencer
Dr J Thorne
Dr J Webster


Mr C Barnes
Mrs E Aikenhead 
Mr D Yeomans


Ms E Veal
Mr B Gould
Mr V Satkunabalan


Dr A Latter
Mr A Dakin 
Dr P Davies
Dr T Hands 
Dr M Hebron
Miss S Pearson
Mr T Quayle
Mrs L Quinault 
Mr C Schofield
Mr R Stillman
Mr N Wilks



Dr A Clayton 
Dr B Pennington
Mr D Pounds
Mrs C Talks
Mr N Williams 


Mr J Hallinan
Dr R Foster 
Dr P Galliver  
Dr L Guymer
Mr J McKinnel
Dr M Romans 
Dr N Townson
Dr J Webster 


Mr C Schofield
Mrs K Ahuja
Mrs G Cawse
Mrs K White


Mr N Thorpe
Mr J Bojdol
Mr M Crossland
Dr J Cullerne
Dr A Graham
Dr J Hodgins
Mr A Humphreys
Mr J Percival
Mr D Reeve
Dr L Ronaldson
Mr D Rowland
Mr J Taylor
Mrs M Zampeta 


Mr J Pinnells  
Mr H Buckow Head of Chinese
Dr C Cai
Mr M Dedynski  Head of Russian 
Mr L Dunne
Mrs V Hebron
Mr K Fondain
Mrs J Hepworth Head of Spanish
Ms P Hill
Mrs R Hodgins
Mr J Livingstone
Mrs A Lombardo
Mrs B López
Mr G Mavor  
Mrs I Nekhlyudova
Mrs M Ramsbottom
Mr S Rich
Mrs O Rich
Mr A Vieilleville Head of French


Mr D Thomas
Mr B Cunningham
Mr D Hurley
Mr H Ionascu
Mr O Tarney  
Dr J Toll
Mr J Westwell


Mr M Burley
Mr J Burridge  Head of PE
Mr J Dodd
Mr P Gover
Mr L Taylor


Dr C McCaw


Mr M King
Mr E Donovan
Mr J Fox
Mr I Fraser 
Dr A Guerriero
Mr R Moore
Dr A Savory


Dr J McManus
Mr M Burnett 
Dr D Follows 
Mr C Good
Dr P Hepworth
Dr C McCaw
Mr G Munn
Mr S Shuttleworth
Dr T Thomas


Mr J Douglas 
Dr J Barron
Mr E Billington
Mr J Cole
Mr M Crossland
Dr J Cullerne
Dr D Follows
Dr A French
Mr S Hart
Dr C McCaw
Mr M Rogers


Mr L Dunne
Revd J White
Mr M Winter