Music and Sport are an integral part of life at Winchester College. Depending on a pupil's individual interests, they form a significant proportion of their weekly timetable. Those candidates with exceptional musical or sporting talent are encouraged to apply for a scholarship. 

Music Scholarships

Winchester offers two main types of music awards, Music Scholarships and Music Exhibitions. These are available for both 13+ and 16+ candidates. Full details are given in the document below.

Auditions for a Music Award are designed to establish an all-round view of musical ability. The audition includes a 15-minute performance, and 10 minutes of practical tests. Informal pre-auditions are also available for all candidates, whether in person or online. The Director of Music can give advice about all aspects of Music Awards and is pleased to see potential candidates at any time after they are nine years of age.

Music Scholarships are available to any candidate who shows exceptional musical talent. Former pupils now play in the leading London orchestras and teach at London conservatoires. Many have highly successful careers as performers, conductors and composers. At Winchester they benefit from exceptional teaching, first-class facilities and the opportunity to play in concerts at least weekly. 


The closing date for applications is Wednesday 30th November 2022 for 13+ awards, and Monday 5th December 2022 for 16+ awards. For further information and an entry form, please contact the Music School Administrator on +44 (0)1962 621122.

Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships offer successful candidates at 13+ and 16+ specialist coaching sessions, a regularly assessed strength and conditioning programme, and a dedicated tutor from the Sports Department to help them achieve their sporting goals while maintaining a sensible and sustainable routine in the school.

Successful candidates will be invited to an assessment day, designed to understand their all-round sporting ability. The day is typically split into three parts and looks at physical, technical and mental agility.

Further information can be found in the documents below, including contact information and details of how to apply.

Unlike Bursaries, Music and Sports Scholarships do not automatically carry a remission on school fees. Further information on bursary support can be found here