Admissions timeline in more detail

The Registrar’s Tour

A weekly family tour for parents and their sons of up to 15 families available for those families with boys in Year 5. It will feature a tour of the school and a boarding house with a senior boy and include a Q&A with the Registrar, a Housemaster, a Matron and Head of Department. Bookings can be made by contacting Elizabeth Maher / 01962 621155.

Please note that Registrar’s Tours and Housemaster at Home visits will start from September 2019.

Housemaster at Home

An introduction to up to three Housemasters, and tour of their Houses, from September to June of Year 5. Bookings can be made via the Admissions Team / 01962 621247.

Our Journey Together

An Open Morning in January or February of Year 7 for families who have accepted a place at Winchester. The morning will include talks from the Headmaster and senior leadership team on how to prepare for life at Winchester. There will also be a selection of activities illustrating what life is like at Winchester for both parents and boys and an opportunity to meet his future Housemaster and the other boys who are going to the House.

New Men’s Day

A day in June of Year 8, designed to give advice and help to parents and boys as they get ready to join Winchester in September.


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