Common Time 2019

Water Polo

Group of boys playing water polo
Two water polo players

There is training for Water Polo on Tuesday and Thursday. A good number of matches with outside clubs take place each term and the team enters the English Schools Competition annually.

Water Polo is an unusual sport and for the enthusiast, cannot be matched by many others. Firstly, unlike land-based sports one has to play the game in a foreign environment, namely water. Certain skills are developed; becoming a strong swimmer capable of remaining on the surface whilst being tackled by an opponent and being able to rise high in the water without using the pool bottom. One also learns to catch and throw a ball, the size of a football, with one hand. Boys learn to develop a team mentality by supporting and covering others. We encourage physical stamina during our training sessions. This game not only creates great confidence in the water but develops the team spirit and ambition to win through.