Common Time 2019

Winchester College Treasury

 New Treasury
 The Treasury

Treasury houses the outstanding collections of art and archaeology belonging to Winchester College. They are displayed in the medieval Warden's Stables, recently converted into a museum and now open to the public for the first time.

Four galleries are filled with collections from around the world. The first is a jewel box of medieval treasures and includes objects from the early history of the school, such as the magnificent 15th century Election Cup. The walls are adorned with stained glass.

In the second gallery is the Duberly collection of Chinese ceramics, including Tang dynasty tomb figures and porcelain from the Ming dynasty.

Gallery 3 holds collections of ancient artefacts from Egypt, Greece and Rome. Vases painted with scenes from Greek mythology can be seen alongside full size casts of ancient sculptures, including sections of the Parthenon frieze.

Gallery 4, located on the upper floor, allows a closer look at the Parthenon Frieze casts and the medieval roof of the stables.

A programme of changing displays encourages boys to engage with the collections and provides the opportunity for them to become involved in many aspects of museum learning. The Treasury is available for pupils to use with their teachers, or to explore at their own pace during their free time.

Treasury welcomes public visitors from 2-4pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Tickets must be purchased in advance from the website here or in person at Kingsgate Books and Prints. Admission is £5.00 (£5.50 with gift aid). Students and young people under 16 are free.

Group visits are welcome and enquiries should be directed to the Curator at treasury@wincoll.ac.uk