Common Time 2019

Royal Navy

Two boys on boat

Winchester's Naval section is not just about battleships and uniforms. The School's Naval Section keeps in touch with the goals that the other sections of the CCF achieve whilst also maintaining a strong maritime theme. The cadets not only learn important facts about the Royal Navy including its ranks and history, but also how to work as a team on the simulated battlefield of land and sea. The section takes its training programme directly from the CCF RN: and because it is registered with HMS Collingwood as its parent establishment, cadets are offered external holiday courses including prolonged training on the water and first aid for a reduced price.  

The RN section makes trips to the conveniently placed local training centre at Whale Island in Portsmouth to practise the relevant boating techniques. All cadets at Winchester, including the naval section, receive the same training with the L98A1 rifle, with combat drills and with the non-military assault course at the ATR (W) Army Training Regiment just outside Winchester. Cadets in their first year of training (MP) take both the Able Seaman test for promotion to that rank and also a test of their proficiency with the L98A1 rifle.  

By spending the compulsory year of CCF in the Navy, valuable training not just in a battle situation but in leadership, team work and personal development is achieved.