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Royal Air Force

Boys camping on a snowy mountain
Boys camping
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Despite being the newest section, the Royal Air Force contingent offers as much, if not more than the other divisions. For the compulsory first year of training the cadets are extensively trained in "green" drills, and are usually competent with the cadet GP rifle for the second battle exercise of the year, as well as extensive practice in camouflage, battle drills and harbouring. Uniquely for the RAF, all cadets are required to pass a basic airmanship test. In effect this means signing up for flying lessons (and often aerobatics!) at Boscombe Down Airbase.

We are in no way limited to training at school as we also make use of the nearby ATR assault course and range. The cadets from all four sections combine in their second year of training to form the cadre, where they can perfect their battle drills and improve their leadership skills. They then return to their sections for the final two years to undergo further training and at this stage they often help the younger cadets in basic training.

Cadets can also volunteer for extra-curricular camps, and the Winchester RAF has always constituted a valuable part of the shooting and Longmoor teams, as well as participating in the summer, Easter and Cyprus camps.