Common Time 2019

Winchester College

Research Publications

 Old Bursary
The archives are used for all kinds of research - to find out about the lives of boys who attended the school, to discover the history of the estates the college once owned and the people who lived there, to reveal aspects of the history of the school buildings and school traditions, and to enhance our knowledge of the life and work of the Founder.

The result of some of this work is presented via the links below.

- A biography of John Harmar: scholar, warden, translator

- Meonstoke Manor court rolls, 1557-1732. Transcriptions and translations of all the entries for Meonstoke manor from our series of manor court books

- William of Wykeham's household account roll, 1393. Transcription, translation and supporting notes

- The Williams papers. The Speaker's Chaplain & The Master's Daughter

Free access to this research is provided through this website, but please respect the work of the authors and do not copy or publish the material elsewhere.

Please contact the archivist if you have any queries (sf@wincoll.ac.uk)