Short Half 2018

Winchester College

Pangbourne Junior Sculls

Pangbourne Junior Sculls results summary:

On Saturday 11th November the boat club travelled to Pangbourne for the Pangbourne Junior Sculling head. This event exposed the men to a higher level of competition with schools such as Eton, Reading blue coat, Shiplake attending. It also gave them their first proper sweep based race of the season as we start to change focus towards IVs and VIIIs. Notable results included a wins the Schools' 4+ and Schools' 2- events and an admirable performance by the J16s against older crews. This was also our first race for the new J14 cohort who did well in an experienced field where most other crews had been sculling for two years or more. Full results are as follows:

JSch 4+ - Winners / 14 - Crew of Jo Ryan, Kareem Garlick, Jonny Davidson, Austin Stevens & Cox Gabriel Cuaycong

JSch 4+ - 5th /14 - Crew of Max Bonnefous, Alfie Holder, Louis Christie, Charlie Allison, Cox: Casper Grey

JSch 4+ - 6th/ 14 - Crew of Liam Hayes, William SJB, Matt Chapman, Theo Marcotty & Cox: Dom Du Boulay

JSch 2- 2nd / 9 - Crew of Kareem Garlick & Jonny Davidson

JSch 2- 5th / 9 - Crew of Liam Hayes & Austin Stevens

JSch 2- 6th / 9 - Crew of Max Bonnefous & Louis Christie

J171x Brian Chan 10th / 20

J171x Aaron Bacchus 17th /20

WJ17A1x Julia Webster 10th / 10

J161x Alfie Holder 10th / 40

J14A4x+ - 4th / 7 Crew of Harry Coombs, Oliver Reynolds, Alex Ulgalde Tchinov, Sam Page and Cox: Dom Du Boulay

J14A4x+ - 5th / 7 Crew of Nader Moghadam, Harry Pickard, Ben Yu, Gorn Namchittai & Cox: Tom Atkinson