Cloister Time 2018

Old Wykehamists

The Old Wykehamists (boys, and in some cases staff who have now left the School), maintain their own web site as they have a full programme of events and lively interaction all of which is, for the most part, separate to the daily running of the School. Although part of the site is password-protected there is much information to be gleaned for those interested in seeing the structure of the organisation.

We have recently been given details of two films featuring Winchester College made by Pathé. The Pathé newsreels are now available to view on-line via the following website, www.britishpathe.com

The Pathé archive includes two short films of particular interest to Wykehamists and the wider Win Coll community.

Please click here to view the first film, with a commentary, records the visit by HM the Queen to Win Coll in 1955.

The second film, lasting about 6 minutes, is provisionally dated as from the 1940s and was sent to us for identification. Please click here to view. We think this is dated 1956 or 1957 and have already asked Pathé to amend their description accordingly. The film evidently aimed to show a ‘day in the life' at Win Coll

Please click here to access the events programme.

Please click here to access the Old Wykehamists Alumni site.