Common Time 2019

Notions (Winchester glossary)

A book of words and phrases used at Winchester College
A book of Notions
Cloister Time
The third (summer) term
Common Time
The second (Easter) term
Short Half
The first (winter) term
Winchester College
A teacher
Junior Part or JP
The first year in the School
Middle Part or MP
The second year
Fifth Book or VBk
The third year
Sixth Book II or VI:2
The fourth year
Sixth Book I or VI:I
The fifth year
The half term break
College or Coll
The Scholars' House
Any boy who is not in College
Half Rem
An half day free from formal lessons
Aul. Prae.
Prefect of Hall, joint head of the School
The senior Commoner, joint head of the School
The Governing body of Warden and Fellows
Any word or custom peculiar to Wykehamists
Block of Houses D,E,G,H and K
O.T.H.* (Old Tutors Houses)
Block of Houses A,B,C,F and I
Evening preparation period
Up to Books
In School


There are many other words and phrases peculiar to Winchester still in use in the School and set out in a booklet, which boys can purchase, called Winchester College Notions. Not all words and phrases have remained within the bounds of the School however, as examples such as the word goive are used more widely.

The Cambridge Pre-U is the course of Sixth Form study adopted by the School to replace A-levels from September 2008. It is a two-year course consisting of three or four subjects chosen from a large number of alternatives, without any coursework and examined at the end of the second year. It is a matriculation credential recognised by British universities and is administered by the Cambridge International Examinations Syndicate.

*These groupings enable the School to produce cross-House teams for the major matches in Winchester College Football (or WinCoFo or Winkies).