Common Time 2016

Music Awards

There are usually some sixty boys holding music awards in the School at any one time. Winchester offers two types of music awards.

Music Scholarships offer free tuition on up to two instruments and singing (when this tuition is given by members of the School music staff).

Music Exhibitions offer free tuition on one or more specified instruments.

Consistent with the School's commitment to proper use of its charitable funds, music awards will carry no prima facie remission of school fees. However, the Warden and Fellows have power to remit all or part of the fees in cases of financial need. Applicants seeking any financial assistance are encouraged to apply for a bursary by contacting Mrs C P Hann in the Bursary.

The Master of Music can give advice about all aspects of Music awards and is pleased to see potential candidates at any time after they are eleven years of age. Awards are also available for sixth-form entrants.

The Headmaster reserves the right to allocate holders of Music Awards to any boarding House in the School, but will of course take account of parental preference. Anyone who additionally wins an academic scholarship will go into College.

How to apply for a Music Award

Completed entry forms must be returned by the beginning of December in the year preceding entry. Tests are held on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 January 2016 and candidates must take either the academic scholarship exam (Election) or the Entrance Exam in May. Candidates should be under fourteen years of age on 1 September following the examination.

It is also advisable to apply for a place in a boarding house (unless the candidate has no preference about boarding houses and/or would not come to Winchester without a music award).

Entry forms and further advice about Music awards may be obtained from:
The Music Administrator
Winchester College Music School,
Culver Road,
Winchester S023 9JF
01962 621122;
fax 01962 621123

You are warmly encouraged to get in touch if you are interested.