Common Time 2019

Winchester College


The archives at Winchester College include a long series of manor court books, dating from 1556 to the 1920s, which contain a detailed record of each of manor or estate owned by the College.

Property in Meonstoke was acquired by William of Wykeham in the 1380s and 1390s. Records for this estate, dating back to the 14th century, can be found in the archives at Winchester College.

Presented here are transcriptions and translations of all the entries from the manor court books for the manor of Meonstoke from 1557 to 1732, made by Dr Wendy Austen during the course of her research on the history of Meonstoke.

There are four PDFs, contents as follows:

Court books, 1557-1618, plus introduction (379 pages)

Court books, 1619-1667 (362 pages)

Court books, 1668-1693 (353 pages)

Court books, 1694-1731, plus indexes (301 pages)

Anyone wishing to consult the original court books should contact the archivist, Suzanne Foster (sf@wincoll.ac.uk)