Short Half 2017


Karate Instructor

Karate, meaning "empty hand", is a Japanese Martial Art originating from the 16th century. It mixes the two system of Te and Chinese Kung Fu resulting in a blend of blocking (uki waza), striking (uchi waza), punching (zuki waza), kicking (geri waza) and throwing/locking (Naga waza) techniques.

At Winchester the boys study the Goju Ryu style of Karate, the only one of the four main martial art styles recognised by the Butokai (the Japan's Martial Arts Council). There are classes several times a week under the experienced tutelage of Simon Budden, 5th Dan IOGKF. In addition to Simon, who has over 40 years martial arts experience and is a former international competitor as part of the England All Styles squad, the boys have the chance to learn from Sensei George Andrews, 7th Dan. Boys compete in ‘friendlies' against Millfield, Bedales and Eton as well as in the Independent Schools' Championships.

In 2015 of the six Kumite divisions Winchester boys won 4 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals.