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John Harmar

 John Harmar

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 John Harmar Book Plaque

John Harmar (scholar 1569-72) was a poor boy from Newbury who went on to become Regius Professor of Greek at Oxford, Warden of Winchester, and one of the principal translators of the King James Bible. His life story is testimony to the foresight of William of Wykeham's provision for 'poor and needy' boys and the efficiency of the Elizabethan meritocracy.

There are eleven PDFs, contents as follows:

A. Preliminaries
B. Wykehamical Foundations
C. Royal Tour
D. Teaching and Publishing
E. A Disputed Election
F. Warden Harmar
G. Monuments of Scholarship
H. John Harmar's Publications
I. Books bequeathed by John Harmar remaining in the Library
J. The Winchester curriculum in the mid-sixteenth century
K. Bibliography

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