Common Time 2019

Illuminated Manuscript

The Golden Gospels of Henry III of Swabia - c.1046
William of Canterbury's MS life of Becket,given by the founder
Close up of William of Canterbury's MS life of Becket

The Society aims to introduce boys to the wonder of illuminated manuscripts. The mediaeval Latin, French, German, Spanish and English will appeal to linguists; the stories behind some of the codices to historians; the beautiful paintings (often enriched with gold or silver) are a source of delight to those with an artistic leaning; and the theology behind the Christian codices will be of interest to budding theologians.

The manuscripts under consideration will include Bibles, Psalters, Gospel Books, Apocalypses, Prayer Books, Histories, Menologies, Martyrologies, Bestiaries and mediaeval Encyclopaedias.  

Because of the time-intensive labour of introducing students to these books, the Society is really only for those who are really interested!