Common Time 2019

Winchester College

Hispanic Society Lecture

Professor Catherine Boyle started at King's College London in 1990 and worked her way up to Head of MFL, which she did for a total of 13 years, before becoming Professor of Latin American Cultural Studies.

One of her great beliefs is that Languages and literature work together to shape our world. A speciality is her work in the theatre of the Spanish-speaking world. Professor Boyle completed an MA in the theatre that challenged the Pinochet regime, for which she worked with academics who had been expelled from their countries. She has a true insight into how culture can influence politics.

Her project Out of the Wings, a collaboration between King's College London, Queen's University Belfast and the University of Oxford, makes the riches of the theatres of Spain and Spanish America accessible to English-speaking researchers and theatre professionals.

As you can see, we were extremely lucky to have Professor Boyle talk to us today about Translating Theatre for Justice and Freedom in Latin America. We read some of Egon Wolff, the Chilean play write, Los invasores, after which we discussed how the translation of specific words affects the meaning for non-native speakers who may not have the same cultural references.