Common Time 2019


Stained glass window

FROG (French Orpheus Glee Society) is open, by audition, to all fourth and fifth years. The auditions are held in Cloister Time, usually in the Chairman's garden. The successful applicants will be able to read French accurately, with pace and a sense of drama. There are always more applicants than places. Two plays are read for each of the first two terms and one in the summer term. A mixture of modern (twentieth century and more recent) and classical (eighteenth century) plays are used, and each one is read in its entirety in one evening sitting. Occasionally a play is read and then seen at the Comédie française.

The Society was founded in 1985 and its secretary is always a fifth year - chosen by the preceding secretary in consultation with the Chairman (i.e. the don in charge). The President of the Society is the Informator (Headmaster). The secretary records his thoughts and describes proceedings in the leather-bound Society book, to which only he and his successors are privy.

Refreshments are served.