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 Crown and Manor  
 Crown and Manor  
The Crown and Manor Club has had an unbroken association with Winchester for over eighty years. From the initial inspiration and
involvement of the Llewellyn Smiths, the Club progressed in the 1940's as a result of the financial support of the Winchester College Mission.

The Mission's funds in turn have been subsumed in the present day Wykeham Crown and Manor Trust which is under professional management; its trustees are successive generations of Wykehamists.

It is a strong and enduring connection, and indeed Winchester is the only one of the great public schools still to maintain an involvement with an organisation of this sort. One practical example of this is demonstrated every autumn by football teams from the Crown and Manor coming to play against teams from Winchester.

The differences of geography, money, background, and privilege are only too obvious. Yet from a more discerning viewpoint, Club and College have more in common: traditions, standards, success and an unequivocal ethos for the education and improvement of boys and young men.

Our association with the Club will we hope continue to provide a major force for good in the Hoxton community.

For more detail please see the spotlight Crown and Manor Club published by the Friends of Winchester College.

The club's web site is: http://www.crownandmanor.org.uk/