Common Time 2019


An Attic Skyphos (cup) by Thesues Painter c.520 BC, showing Maenads riding goats
Hellenisitc Stele (gravestone) from Smyrna in the museum

The Classical Society is run by a committee of sixth-form Classicists which organises three or four talks every term, given mostly by boys and occasionally by dons and guest speakers, on a wide variety of topics drawn from the Graeco-Roman world. These have varied from an illustrated account of walking Hadrian's Wall from end to end to a journey 'Through the Keyhole' into Nero's Domus Aurea.  

Following the inaugural lecture to the new-look society given by the Curator of the Treasury in 2006, the annual Treasury Talk takes as its inspiration one or more of the Greek vases in the College's collection. In addition, the Society has organised trips to The Bacchae at the Lyric, to the Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers Museums in Oxford, and to the National Gallery.