Common Time 2019

Winchester College

Chapel Organ

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Below are two extracts from Malcolm Archer's new Chapel Organ CD. Mr Archer is the School's Organist and Director of Chapel Music. Details of the recording may be found here . It is available at all retail outlets and of course at the School shop, Cornflowers.      

The first piece is by the then School organist Samuel Sebastian Wesley (organist in the 1850s). Although nowadays regarded as one of the great organists this country has known he was not much appreciated by the School architect William Butterfield, who went so far as to write, in connection with Wesley's proposal to enlarge and improve the School organ, "I do trust that Dr Wesley will not be listened to about the organ; it is a pity that he is the organist. A building of that size requires only a moderate organ. If the boys would sing and respond one might almost say it requires no organ."  

The second piece is by Malcolm Archer, the School's Organist and Director of Chapel Music. The 'Air',  from which the variations stem, is an original tune written in the old style. The work was first performed in 2006.