Common Time 2019

Book Binding

Book Binding

Book Binding meets at teatime on Tuesdays in the Bindery, which is found at the back of P & G Wells bookshop. There boys, and the don in charge, learn from Mr Timothy Wiltshire the rudiments of the exacting craft of repairing and binding books.   

In recent years, boys have worked on old family books, made hardback cases for favourite volumes, prepared handmade notebooks and sketchbooks, and bound university dissertations, among many other projects. There is immense satisfaction to be gained from making something which will give pleasure and last across generations.  

The atmosphere is friendly, and discussion (over tea) is lively and wide-ranging; besides debates over issues of the day, we learn informally about  types of paper, styles in binding and tooling, antiquarian books, unusual commissions and other aspects of the world of books.