Common Time 2019


Group of army boys
Boy holding rifle

The current strength of the Army Section stands at ninety-seven. Cadets joining the section in their recruit year will enjoy a programme that teaches them a variety of skills ranging from map reading, first aid, section level infantry tactics and small bore shooting. In their second term they will be introduced to Skill at Arms training with the L98 Cadet Rifle.     

All cadets in the Army Section have two camps per academic year: adventurous training in Scotland under winter conditions (walking, climbing and navigation) and a purely military camp in the summer holidays. There are also three 24 hour exercises held each term. These activities develop skills in leadership, self-reliance and at a senior level, a strong sense of service towards those for whom they have responsibilities.  

Cadets who volunteer after their recruit year face the rigours of a Junior NCO Cadre.  Having graduated from this phase of training they will be properly prepared for a low level command position and can expect to lead a section of eight cadets.  

In subsequent years senior cadets will be expected to shoulder greater responsibility, possibly as platoon sergeant.