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Tomb Guardian

The Foundation Charter dated 20 October 1382

William of Wykeham, in founding the College, was from the first concerned to ensure that its records should be carefully conserved. Winchester's oldest records are thus housed - uniquely - in the purpose built room in which they were always intended to be housed. The thickness of the walls in this room creates a very stable environment and this has helped to ensure the survival of the muniments (records) stored there in a remarkable state of preservation.

The archives also include a small collection of school memorabilia - sports trophies and equipment, desks and other old pieces of school furniture, commemorative china and souvenirs, medical equipment, prize medals, military memorabilia and items of clothing. For more information, please contact the archivist at sf@wincoll.ac.uk. In addition to the school's archives, there are three libraries and various other collections in the School. More information on the main libraries and on our main museum collection can be found on the links on the left hand side, but there are other less accessible collections which Winchester has to offer. One of these is the Natural History Society and Scientific Collection - collections of butterflies, moths, beetles, birds, plants, rocks, minerals and fossils, scientific instruments, books and journals dating back to 1664 and many other items. These may all be viewed by arrangement with the College Archivist, Suzanne Foster, at sf@wincoll.ac.uk.

Drawings from the extensive Watercolour collection are occasionally publicly displayed and a selection is always on display in the Warden's Lodgings. For more information, please contact the Keeper of Treasury, Dr Richard Foster at rejf@wincoll.ac.uk.

In general Winchester has a superb collection of resources relating to itself and to the wider world. Its very age might so suggest but unlike many ancient institutions Winchester is remarkable in that so much has survived